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    hello to all
    I want to respond to every topic and topic that opened in the forum, and since I don't remember if I already responded or not, I want to be able to filter that only show me the topics I haven't commented on yet,
    Is there such a possibility?

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    Closest you can get right now is, although that filter won't show topics if someone else replies to the topics.

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    @baris I was just wondering whether the builtin "advanced search" allows for negation. Seems like not?

  • NodeBB

    If mongodb is used search does support basic negation, for example

    nodebb -php finds all topics that have nodebb in title but not php

    nodebb php finds all topics that have nodebb and php in title

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    @baris Cool. To be clear, one needs a starting "set" from which to either add or subtract. Hence in this instance the OP would not be able to return all posts != @user-nic".

    Which is admittedly a bit crazy. Desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures. I wonder if Solr backed search could facilitate such madness?

    Thanks for the insights. ✌

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    Sorry, but I still did not understand enough, i can search for "does not contain" ???
    Like "Find topics that don't contain xxxx username"??

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    @jac Yes. And no.

    I was initially curious whether you could execute a search query that translated to:

    • Give me all that does not contain 'foo'.

    The answer to that seems to be "No".

    What IS possible:

    • Give me all posts/titles containing 'foo' but NOT 'bar'.
    • Or all posts/titles containing 'foo' AND 'bar'.

    Which is not going to get you what you desire.

    Speaking of which, I wonder if you've thought this one thru? Are you trying to build a bot? Could be kind of bad news to have two or more such entities playing off each other. Additionally, how might something like this scale on a busy site that you might take a break from for some period? Could be thousands of posts. Just curious about your use case, not judging.

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    @gotwf Well, I'll explain.
    I run a small professional help forum and because users are waiting for my answer on every topic I make a point of responding to every topic and help ..., it's hard for me to track which topics I've already responded to, so I wanted this filter.
    I need a filter to show me the topics I haven't commented on yet.

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    @jac Well, I guess there's the makin' it work pragmatic approach: Do not actually read Unread topics until you're ready/able to reply? Yes, I know. The suspense and temptation to peek kills you. Suboptimal but doable? Good luck .

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    @gotwf I pretty much agree with you, but you need agree with me that need to develop such an extension that allows for such filtering

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