Private Reply to Post in thread?

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  • We are trying to establish a forum for a group of freelancers in a large Company. One of the Goals is to enable us to offer and reply to "Swap Shift Offers". We want people to be notified when a new offer is posted, the only way i found is to make a Category "Swap Shifts", within that a single Post and the offers have to be posted as a reply to that post. If you want to be notified you can turn on the notification for this thread.

    What i couldnt figure out yet: If you want to replay to an offer, is there a way to send a private message to the Person that offered the shift, instead of discussing it in that thread, triggering notifications to everyone again?

    Alternatively it would be great if one could follow an entire Category and get a notification when a new Post is made in that Category, but thats not possible or is it?


  • You can use to allow your users to subscribe to categories.

    BTW, there is the chat system for private messages.

  • Category Notification is even better than what i tried to do, thanks for that. I know there is the Chat function but i was imagining something like a "Reply with PM" function in the Reply dropdown, guess that does not exist or is there a plugin for that as well?

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