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  • We -in our forum- had impression that when user A blocks user B, A cannot see B's posts and B cannot see A's post... just like how it works on social media. However, apparently B still sees A's post and can reply it, when someone else quote these messages A can see what B wrote about him/her.

    Unfortunately current situation does not solve the clash between users. There was another plugin in the forum which is not updated any more... "ignore users" plugin...


    I think currently, block user function has a bug, since it is not working the way most people anticipates... but if it is not a lot of work, my suggestion would be using something similar to "ignore user" function, where A ignores (or doesnot see) B's post, but B still sees A's post...

    And another "block user" function, where A cannot see B's post, B cannot see A's post and therefore two people cannot interact...

    Thanks a lot.

  • On what social media network does it work like that?

    On Facebook a block prevents the blocked person from seeing posts on your timeline, your profile or mentioning you, but it doesn't prevent them from seeing your comments to posts in groups.
    NodeBB doesn't have your timeline, and basically all posts in categories both people have access to are closer to a common facebook group in nature. So while the blocked person can see you profile, unlike Facebook you won't see their posts in a "group" 🙂

    On Twitter, unless your account is private a blocked person will still see your tweets. NodeBB doesn't have private accounts, so no difference there.

    Reddit works like NodeBB - you don't see any content by a blocked person, they can see everything that you wrote. Additionally, you will see their content on a subreddit you moderate...

    On Discord you even see when there is a message from a blocked user on a common server. And I think you even have the option to show it. So even less blocking than here.

    So: from these 4 services, only on Facebook a block is actually mutual (that is, blocked person doesn't see your content) and even then the exception to this rule is close to how NodeBB functions, as there are no individual feeds here.

  • @oplik0 almost in all I use... being a moderator is different issue 🙂

    in facebook, they will not see you, what you post, cannot contact you, even in the groups (unless he/she or you are moderator/admin of the group). Even you are an admin, you can still not interact with him/her, you cannot tag or send message, but you can see what they write only because you are an admin.

    in twitter, they will not see you, your content unless they specifically search for you, and also you will not see them naturally, there will not be any interaction between these two accounts...

    so, in both of these, blocking works the way I say... Our forum is public, anyone -if searches- can see the content, but people usually enter the forum while logged in, so as long as both parties cannot see what they wrote, there should not be any interaction or clash between them...

    unfortunately, I am not familiar with discord and reddit, you might be right on those...

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