image not getting uploaded

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  • please somebody kindly advice why my images not getting uploaded. showing sharp not found?
    plz advice? this forum is good but nobody helps techincally?

    Something went wrong installing the "sharp" module

    Cannot find module '../build/Release/sharp.node'
    Require stack:

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/node_modules/sharp/lib/constructor.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/node_modules/sharp/lib/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/image.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/topics/thumb.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/topics/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/categories/delete.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/categories/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/privileges/categories.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/privileges/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/posts/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/plugins/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/groups/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/user/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/events.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/meta/themes.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/meta/index.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/src/start.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/require-main.js

    • /home/aaravkr/public_html/doubt/NodeBB/app.js

    • Remove the "node_modules/sharp" directory, run "npm install" and look for errors

    • Consult the installation documentation at

    • Search for this error at

  • @PitaJ for last 14 days we have been asking for help. if you hv some knowledge then you should share.
    you all might be very good but to help somebody would not take your lots of time.
    your documentation sucks, your sharp sucks,
    you urself use imgur!! when i ma using imgur then it is not installing.
    anyways thanks. would migrate to some other server

  • You've been helped with sharp already. I've asked you to stop making new topics with your issues and to stop tagging us but you continue to do so and expect help.

    You don't seem to be putting in any effort to fix these issues yourself, plus you're making it harder on yourself by using an OS and reverse proxy that we don't use and expecting it to just work. We aren't going to hold your hand here. Helping you is purely something we do out of kindness and acting entitled is not going to help your case.

    Also, you keep making new user accounts for some reason. Cut that out.

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