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    Hey guys,

    we are getting problemes with the ram consumption of nodebb processes, now we are restarting nodebb weekly. That isnt a real problem, but a bit uncomfortable.
    So i decided to write a watchdog that is watching on the nodebb processes and their ram consumption. If a process hits a configuarable limit, the watchdog should stop the process and start a new one.

    Now my question: Is it possible to block a nodebb process for accepting new connetions? I want to prevent that the users are kicked when the process is stopped.

    Jey Cee

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    Do you have Traffic Management module turned on? (admin/settings/advanced)
    Because it sounds like you want basically what it's supposed to do. I don't know how well does it work, because I haven't had any RAM problems regardless of it being turned on or off, but you might want to try tweaking its settings before making a custom solution.

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    @oplik0 thank you for your answer. Traffic management is already on, because we saw a lot more 503 before this was on. Also we reduced the session time down to 3 days.

    A bit backround infos of the forum:
    I dont know if 400 up to 1500 connections permanent is massive for nodebb or not.
    We have around 1.2 million site calls per day.
    Our user base growing permanently since we have started our project back in 2015, actually 21400 users are registered. Per week 100+ new registrations actually, during Winter this rate will increase.
    The most of the users are from countrys with german language, but also english, dutch, russian and portuges are on our forum.

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    @scottalanmiller has done some great scaling of this platform, he may have some pointers

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