URL Problem after Log In (Double Url).

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    @DownPW of you're not already serving static assets with nginx, I'd recommend doing that. You should be able to set a separate rate limit for that while still protecting NodeBB.

    It may also be possible to whitelist cloudflare so it can bypass the rate limit.

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    Hi, see this example: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8cpq54296zzhggn/Screenshot 2017-01-27 11.14.26.png?dl=0

    I've shared a post, and it showing the site logo which looks terrible on a shared post. I found the og:image setting in the admin area, so I hope that it fixes that part.

    But the URL - I set the DNS of my board to show the URL as boards.babygrande.com. So I'm confused why when I share a post, it shows the nodeBB address.

    How do I set a og:URL property, or in simpler terms, how do I have the URL display as boards.babygrande.com, and not the nodeBB address?


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    You can never be sure 👼 I hope it gets fixed soon to ensure future windows compatability 🙂

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    I would give them a couple of days to respond. If there is no response then create an issue.

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    I am a relatively new web developer, and wanted to know whether this was a good enough approach to my problem.

    I have nodebb forums running on a subdomain, and want some of the details of the logged in user to be available to my main domain. I do not want a full fledged sso system or something like that, as I want minimum hassle. I was thinking of the following method, and wanted whether this is feasible from a technical and security point of view.

    I was thinking of setting '.example.com' for my express cookie session so it is available on my main domain. From there, I can use this cookie to make a cURL request to a custom api endpoint on my forums, which basically returns the users details if the cookie can be authenticated.

    I hope someone can help me, as I am unsure from a security point of view whether it is feasible.