What is maximum concurrent users at a time NodeBB is tested with?

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    Hello everyone,
    We are looking forward to use NodeBB for one of our healthcare application community forum.
    I read some of the old article and they say NodeBB is not stable for 500+ concurrent users accessing the system.
    Just wanted to know what is Maximum no. of concurrent users your application worked well?
    Any other Pros and cons suggestion?


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    NodeBB can scale indefinitely depending on how much power you're willing to throw at it. I think @julian has some clients that require handling more than 500 concurrent. He can tell you more.

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    Yes, indeed, if you're looking to scale up to handle high concurrent user loads, scaling out horizontally is your best bet. We've got a client right now serving 700+ connections at the moment, and they're on four separate NodeBB instances. It's probably too much for what they need, but it's always nice to have more capacity than needed in case of spikes, etc.

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