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    recently I noticed an error in the links.
    A user adds a link inside his post using the shortcode "()[]" the link starts with the post direction, even if is an external link instead of going to www.page.com goes to /forum/topic/www.page.com I changed from our custom child theme to persona theme and the behavior is still the same.
    you can check a real example at example the first link (www.allrecipes.com) starts with www it's not working properly and redirects to /forum/topic/99156/healthy-family-meals/www.allrecipes.com but the second one the one starting with http works fine.
    Any thoughts on that? how can I solve that?
    Thank you so much.

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    Links without a protocol (http:// or https://) are always treated as relative links.

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    Hi! @PitaJ thank you for the quick reply.
    I understand that an absolute URL have the protocol, but most of the normal users, at least in our forums, don't know what that is, some use it just because the copied from the browser, but sometimes a user doesn't add it, and having that links as relative URL returns a 404, causing a bad experience.
    Some CMS have a sanity check like Django and WordPress if you add a link inside a WordPress, they check if it's another domain and adds the protocol, so the user doesn't have to add it.
    I think it's a good measure to prevent bad user experience.

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