Is it possible to remove the ability to switch themes from the Admin CP?

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    I am designing a theme for a forum from scratch and I'm worried that an admin there might turn it switch it accidentally at some point and absolutely break everything. Is there a way to prevent this?

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    @Laz run it in a separate test dev install if nodeBB.

    It sounds like you’re working on the live forum.

    Also surely an admin would know better than to enable a dev theme site wide, how many admins are there and are you one too (you must be)?

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    @omega Hi. I'm developing locally, but the theme does a lot of stuff that links it with the rest of our infrastructure. While I'm not expecting someone to do it, you can never be to careful if someone does something stupid. I'd rather have contingencies than relying on people not to let the curiosity get the better of them.

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    You could create a plugin that overrides the ACP templates, removes the theme route entirely, or hides the relevant buttons with CSS

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    That's probably the approach I'll take. I was just wondering if there was some inbuilt functionality, but it's not much work to do, so thanks. Have a nice day!

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