New Auth system integrating with existing Nodebb forum

  • Hi I am working on a site that has an existing nodebb forum and we are looking to add features to the site that require a user to have an account. I know nodebb doesn't want you to use it is an auth system and I will have to store user data but is there a way I can use the existing nodebb data so the users don't have to make separate accounts and can login with their already existing nodebb accounts and then I just save their data as a new user. I have been searching the forums for an answer but it seems most cases are either starting a new app and nodebb forum or have an existing auth system and addidng nodebb

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    I believe nodebb-plugin-oauth may be what you're looking for

  • It will allow me to get user data from nodebb? I am a little rusty on Oauth2 but if I am a provider don't I already need to have user data or does the oauth plugin make nodebb the provider?

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    Hi @mikewa, we don't have a plugin that allows NodeBB to act as the OAuth2 provider, but I'm interested in creating one if you're interested.

    Reach out to us at and I'll be happy to discuss further 🙂

    We did have one in the past, although it is likely not working anymore.

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