Broken site. Cant access ACP - remove custom header via FTP?

  • Hello, somehow i managed to destroy my forum adding broken <script> to custom header. Right now my forum appears to be completely white while there's still content visible when i inspect the site. I wanted to get to /admin but - i need to login to get it and login is completely white too. I have saved password but its not automatically logging in.

    I tried to remove this broken <script> tag in my browser but forum is not loading anyway when im doing it and i cant really do much about it on client side to remove it and make whole site reload without this line of code.

    Only access that i have to the website is via FTP, i cant get into ACP, cant login, cant do anything on site. Where should i look for this custom header to remove it from FTP? Maybe its in mongodb? Maybe i could remove something from style to prevent it from loading this custom header?

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    If you have ftp access, you should also have ssh access. If you can connect with ssh, you can access the config object in mongodb.

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