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    I don't want to fully "release" just yet, so for anyone that wants to help out with the development of this:
    I really need some code in there that's not mine (for new insights, you know), most of the stuff can probably be done better and more efficient.

    So for anyone reading, please help out 🙂

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    No promises ofc coz have a ton of other things on my plate, but will fork it and check it out, coz obviously I'm a bit impatient and all that 😉

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    Small update on this. I've implemented the basics of poll settings. The syntax is as follows:

    [poll title="Poll title here" max="3"]
    - Poll options

    The default values for these will be editable from the AdminCP soon.

    If anyone is willing to help out on this, I've added a small todo list to the readme of the repo. It includes the things I could currently think of. If you see any improvements yourself or think of cool features, feel free to contribute!

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    Just kinda using this as an "update" thread for this plugin, at least until it's released.

    I added a bunch of more stuff:

    • Automatic poll ending, select a date and time and the poll will close then
    • Multiple choice polls
    • Details on the votes:


    In the background you can also see a slight change in design.

    When I implement the visualization of states on a poll (closed, deleted, etc) I feel that this can have it's first release.

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    Pushed some more fixes and a very simple representation of a closed/ended poll. If some (core) devs would be so kind as to review some of the code and either fix some critical issues or point them out to me, I feel like this could get a first release.

    Since I imagine there being at least some demand of this being installed on the community forums, I feel like at least a minor security review would be in place by the core devs 🙂
    (So here I'm spamming @julianlam, @psychobunny and @barisusakli 😛 )

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    @baris is the resident troll around here, he's the right man for the job 😛 Had a look through, don't see anything that I'd be worried about. Love this idea though for interfacing with hooks, I'm going to steal that idea for my future plugins 🙂

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    Went through it again, looks good to me. You should release it early so people can start testing.

    Also this is more of a suggestion. Maybe a poll widget can be built using the same code so admins can place polls on the homepage or anywhere they want like most sites. Not sure how to integrate that with the current system as its based on topics/posts. 💡

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    @baris inserting a poll in a widget would be the most difficult part here. Displaying would be possible with a few modifications.

    Let's just focus on topics/posts first and see where it goes from there 😛

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    Now that I think about it the widget might not be that difficult, it will just make a call to get the widget data and display it along with some code to let users vote and a link to the actual topic where the poll is located. So most of the code that is already in the plugin can be utilized for the widget. The widget would need a pollId setting in the ACP>widgets to let you display a poll.

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