Authorization Failed NodeBB Setup

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  •                                             **THIS HAS BEEN SOLVED**

    The problem was for some reason MongoDB didn't setup a directory automatically for /data/db and once I created that myself it worked flawlessly. However you do have to remake your users & DB!

    Hello! I've been trying to install NodeBB for the past hour and I keep hitting the same exact road block when run ./nodebb setup as a non-root (or even root) account.


    I've been following this guide:

    I'm running Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS with the latest updates & upgrades, I had 0 errors up until this point.

    mongo -u admin -p mypassword --authenticationDatabase=admin <-- This logs in successfully

    If I don't login with my admin account then I get authentication errors so I know authentication is working, here's my users in my nodebb database:

    I am unsure why this isn't working, I'm not sure what more information to provide but ask away and I'll send. This is a near stock Ubuntu Server installation. ☹

    Thank you in advance

  • Try the Ubuntu docs instead of the Debian docs. They're more up to date.

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