• @PitaJ said in Custom Home Page?:


    Ok, I installed that plugin as well, I am still confused on why I need to install a separate plugin, if the custom option is already existing in nodebb?

    In my Homepage settings I have it set to Custom:

    The Plugin is installed & activated (I also did the rebuild & restart):

    When I click on Custom Pages in the Plugin Menu, it says to add content to Extend -> Widgets:

    However Under Widgets, nothing has changed since before I installed the plugin, there is no custom homepage section:

    Honestly the whole process is very confusing and would be very helpful if the whole process was documented step by step.

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    The custom option in General -> Home Page is only to set the route which youre.site/ will reflect. It can be set to anything, whether it be a page created by a plugin, or a core page in NodeBB.

    In order to use Custom Pages with widgets, you need to create a custom page first. The instructions in the custom pages screenshot look pretty clear on that.

  • Sorry which instructions are pretty clear?

    The custom pages screen shot says:

    The 2nd and 3rd steps work fine and are clear

    The 1st step:

    Says to add content to your route, but when you click on that there is nothing new there, its the same as the default:

    Where and how am I supposed to create this custom page?

    Maybe I am going about this all wrong? Maybe I don't even need the plugin?

    All I want is to be able to have my own custom homepage that I can put whatever text I want on it, I don't need or care about widgets, I just want to have the custom homepage say for example: "Welcome to our Community, click on Login"

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    It says at the top

    Define and customize your new routes here

    Emphasis mine. You have to define the custom pages. I don't have access right now, but I bet if you were to take a screenshot of the whole page, there are some more buttons down below.

  • On the widget page it says:
    Define and customise your new routes here.

    You can add content to your new routes from Extend → Widgets.

    You can add your new route to the site navigation from General → Navigation and select "Custom Route".

    If you wish to set a custom page as your homepage, go to General → Homepage and select "Custom".

    However in the 1st line there is nothing clickable: "Define and customise your new routes here"

    On the widget page, I don't see any other buttons below:


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    Take a screenshot of your whole screen when on the custom pages plugin page in the ACP, please.

  • Here you go:


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    @dcook there's a green button with a "+" in the bottom right. Have you tried that?

  • I have a 34" monitor, I would never think to look in the bottom right hand corner of my monitor when everything else is at the top.

    I will try that and see it I get further.

    In my opinion, you guys need to work on making things easier and more clear, for example if that green circle is what I am suppose to click, why not make the "here" clickable in the 1st line?

    The whole plugin-process is confusing, Wordpress for example is very easy, its 1 click install and it makes a menu item for the plugin, all the settings for the plugin are right there under that menu item. With NodeBB, I have to goto 4 different places just to set a custom homepage.

    Its also not consistent, why are some the links text, some of are in a menu at the top, and now some are a green circle at the bottom right hand of the screen?

  • The hidden green button in the bottom corner of the screen was the missing link, I was able to create the custom home page.

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