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  • Creators are not assholes, seem down with cat pictures

    Hahah. Hey I'm an asshole, that's what all the girlfriends say anyways 😛

    Thanks for the kind words guys. As far as features are concerned our road map in general is based on what the community wants. If there's something niche that one wants usually we are happy to prioritize if that person is willing to sponsor.

    That said, put it on our issue tracker as a feature request and maybe youll see it built sooner than later.

    As for badges this is happening within the next minor version.

  • You might look into VanillaForums. I imagine they have a QA plugin that would make it what you are looking for while you wait for NodeBB to have the functionality you require.

  • @HolyPhoenix Good suggestion, but I kinda dislike Vanilla for some other reasons (lacks too many features out of the box, not so innovative, php, etc).

  • @Kamal-Patel I don't mind PHP, but for the other reasons you listed I also dislike VanillaForums. So I can understand that.

  • @trevor said:

    @Kamal-Patel Basically what I've read in a nutshell is:

    "Well I'm looking for an alternative to NodeBB for the upcoming project I'm trying to create."
    "I've tried a whole bunch of nice forums out there, but none of them are a fit for me."
    "NodeBB isn't fully-featured enough for my needs at this time."
    "I need badges or else."

    Well currently for me as it stands, I am in the same boat as you minus the "trying to find an alternative" part, so I share your view point. Sometimes I feel there are priorities that are a bit more important than others but seem to get deferred for something that is really not too important. You have to keep in mind they are only three guys so it's only so much they can do at a time. The work they've done so far is quite amazing so kudos to that. I remember when NodeBB was in its infancy. Many, many bugs, and very bland. Feels like less than a year to be honest.

    However, I'm sure it will come around sooner or later. But hey, if it doesn't suite your individual timeframe then I'm sorry to hear that.

    I like this post very much.

    When we talk about forums that are out there with tens of hundreds of plugins, it is that very same reason why the architecture of those forums are so stuck. It would cost too much to change the core engine and at the risk of losing their user base. As a result, many of them are just plugging along hoping to further extend the life of their engine. However, those engines are inherently dated and slow.

    I would rather work with an engine that's on the bleeding edge and with little plugins but with the right foundation to make use of modern web tools. This is why NodeBB is so attractive. I personally think that it has enough plugins to build a vibrant forum. It has all the fundamentals that one would need. The main criteria that I was searching for in forum solution is simple core and elegant design. The presentation of NodeBB is the best I've seen yet - it allows for simple and intuitive interaction by users. It is clean, yet dynamic. It almost feels like I've just discovered gold in its purest form.

  • It almost feels like I've just discovered gold in its purest form.

    @cytrax Can we use that as a testimonial? 😄

  • @Kamal-Patel if you are comfortable with PHP, then FluxBB with 15 days of development can lead you to some things similar to what you want.
    In my case I would with NodeBB, the base is more suitable for this.

    ...or from scratch

  • As a long time PHP based forum admin with 2 current vB projects that have been up for years it really sounds like you are still defining what it is you are looking for. Other than "being like StackExchange but snazzier"

    Personally I would sit back and put more thought into what you want that makes you different. What will define your sites perspective?

    Want modern, NodeBB is modern as hell. And like any new thing, you or someone has to put that extra time into development.

  • @julian said:

    It almost feels like I've just discovered gold in its purest form.

    @cytrax Can we use that as a testimonial? 😄

    LOL.. I missed this post. lol. I charge 0.50c per testimonial click. haha

  • This post is deleted!

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