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  • I've modified topics_list to display the teaser under the title. However, i would like to further edit the teaser. I'm wondering about the best approach to do something like this. I'm thinking

  • What kind of changes do you want to do?

  • There's two things i want to do.

    1. Shorten the teaser text
    2. Pull out a specific link to use as a button

    I think i figured it out though using something like { "hook": "filter:topics.get", "method": "teaserContentShort" }

    var Theme = {
    	teaserContentShort: function (data, callback) {
    		data.topics.forEach(topic => {
    			topic.teaser.contentShort = topic.teaser.content.slice(0,20);
    		callback(null, data);

    It seems to work. Hopefully thats not using the wrong paradigm.

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