(Question) How to install NodeBB on Plesk VPS ?

  • How can I install NodeBB on my Plesk server? The server is clean and does not have any components installed except Plesk.

  • Never heard of anyone wanting to do that. Using Plesk will just make something simple into something much harder. Only takes a few seconds to install NodeBB, but if you use Plesk you have all of the weight of Plesk, plus any problems and limitations that it will bring.

    I've never used Plesk, but I can tell you that it is impossible for it to make this process easier. I would totally avoid this, NodeBB is a production workload (we assume) and this is not a good way to run it. You want more control than Plesk will give you, and you want the ease of doing NodeBB directly.

    Here is an install guide to make installing the current version ridiculously simple.

  • Hello,

    Install mongodb and node.js extension uploads file and start installation

  • @Rootzilla how is your project coming along?

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