[nodebb-plugin-webrtc] WebRTC in Chats (Video Calling)

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    If I remember, after clicking on answer, I got this permissions popup.

    I let only the mic access, and I think nothing happened, the answer button woulndn't go away.

    We can try when you'll have a moment. You still have your account on my nodebb.

  • @Schamper
    I know you're swamped, so I just wanted to say that this is an awesome plugin. I've done some testing and it is truly remarkable. Similar to @tedr56, I experienced some hiccups after a while of use, possibly a connection issue though - but it is awesome for short chats.
    You said it supports rooms with up to four people - how would users launch that?

    Also, just a musing - could users have an option to disable the Call feature, meaning they couldn't be contacted via the plugin. I'm going to be running a security forum, and several users might have concerns about the P2P factor of the calls - while others wouldn't mind.
    I suppose what I'm getting at is for the paranoid, could it be possible to prevent someone calling them in an attempt to grab their IP?

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    @Albus thanks! I'm on mobile so I'll keep it short 😛
    I might drop the call button in favor of the system suggested in this issue: https://github.com/Schamper/nodebb-plugin-webrtc/issues/1
    Or incorporate it in a smart way. In short, the whole thing will be dropped in favor of this room system.

    I'm currently pretty busy, just reinstalled Windows and still setting up my dev environment etc, and I'll also start working at my internship company soon. I'll still try to get some work done on my plugins but I can't promise time frames 😉

    Jimimimi created this issue in Schamper/nodebb-plugin-webrtc

    open Group support #1

  • @Schamper, after reading the github issue/suggestion, I think that would be an excellent route to go with the plugin.
    Best of luck with the internship, by the way - if you work anything like you develop, you should do wonderful.

  • @Schamper
    Cool plugin but we have this error brewing in the console:
    Uncaught TypeError: Illegal invocation

    I second multichat and broadcasting 🙂

  • @nik said:

    I second multichat and broadcasting 🙂

    Aside from multi-user conversations, would it be possible to add an ACP setting to make all chats audio-only?
    (Plus it would be nice if the audio kept playing while you navigate the site)

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    This plugin is OUTDATED.
    Other plugin for Video Chat?

  • @Master-Antonio said:

    This plugin is OUTDATED.
    Other plugin for Video Chat?

    I don't BELIEVE so.


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    @a_5mith He's Italian. Give him a break. Doesn't understand our ways (or common internet practices apparently 😝 ).

    But @Schamper - You should totally rebuild this plugin using rtc.io - It looks like a promising framework.

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    @pitaj AhahahahA. Yes. XD XD .

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    @Master-Antonio @a_5mith

    The story behind this plugin doesn't seem to be here, so I'll post it now. I was going to make a complete revamp of this plugin based on rooms instead of 1 on 1 chat as a job for someone on this forum, I was pretty far along until that someone turned out to be a scammer. I never gave him any of the code but I didn't have any motivation to work on the plugin after that. I'd still like to finish it sometime but the lack of a proper WebRTC framework that suited my needs made things a lot harder. @pitaj I haven't looked at it extensively so I don't know if it would be suited for this plugin yet.

    It doesn't really help that I'm also just really busy with a lot of other things right now. For NodeBB plugins my current schedule is:

    • Large refactor of the shoutbox, fix all the bugs
    • Pretty much rewrite the poll plugin
    • Fix other plugins (EVE, WoW, how long ago did I promise to work on that? Is it even still relevant? @Tanner @Chris might want to PM me about this)
    • Continue dev on The Botler or another plugin, maybe this one, maybe a new one.

    I've gotten a bit more time to work on my own plugins lately and I've been busy with the shoutbox plugin so far because it's the highest priority for me. I'll make some posts in each plugins' thread when there's some news.

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    Has anyone tested this with node bb 1.6 version ? does it work well ?

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    @faizanzahid I doubt it'll even start. Feel free to try though.

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