All accounts are temporarily locked.

  • I'm trying to start up a forum, and the two test accounts I made are "temporarily locked out". I tried deleting "lockout:1" and "lockout:2" to no avail. ;(

    Setting the forum up again allows me to make new accounts, but whenever I try to log in again, it says "Login Unsuccessful
    Your account has been locked temporarily". I have not tried to log in more than 5 times, restarting, dropping the database and setting things up again, and upgrading. (NodeBB is at 1.11.2, Mongo is 3.6.10, ubuntu is 16.04.5)

  • Can you run

    db.objects.find({ _key: "loginAttempts:1" })


    db.objects.find({ _key: 'config' })

    And provide the output here? Thanks

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