Node BB the next modern version of Reddit?

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    I'd love to see if Node BB can offer all features like Reddit and become the next generation forum for the web!
    So that people start posting discussions like on node BB forums too... We should also have sub reddits like sub forums on node bb. I have got many ideas and firm believe that Node BB can do this!

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    We already have categories. Is that not adequately like subreddits?

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    @scottalanmiller the idea solution would be that users can create their own sub categories and have admin privileges over them.

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    @ChrisPy said in Node BB the next modern version of Reddit?:

    @scottalanmiller the idea solution would be that users can create their own sub categories and have admin privileges over them.

    Oh, self creation. Interesting. Seems like it could be done with a plugin. Should be possible.

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    People are talking about NodeBB in that thread? I didn't see it... just a lot of (hilarious) eventual consistency jokes har har har.

    Potentially having users manage their own categories is something we could eventually consider... but definitely plugin territory, since we'd want to push the paradigm of a centrally managed category system.

    There's no particular reason why the homepage needs to be an index (and in fact, you don't have to have it load the category listing), so NodeBB can approximate Reddit in some ways, but in other ways it is quite different (linear discussions v. threaded, for one...)

    Can go on for a long time about that!

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    I think it is easier than it may seem looking at reddit. For example, for most, there will be enough something like curated categories. Let's say these categories can be created by users only from the Curators group. The same users will be moderators in the category they created.

    Customization group. It is quite enough to display a custom banner of the curated category below the top menu and a widget of something like "similar posts from this category". Later, with the help of plugins, it is possible to give curators the opportunity to change several styles / colors of the main template for their category (of course, if someone needs this functionality).

    So, we get 90% of the functionality of the reddit + what NodeBB itself brings. This can give a huge boost to some types of community that could grow at the expense of narrower niches covered by users.

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