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  • Hi all,
    normally in a thread, the badges are shown, below, or at least near the user image/-name.
    Like here:


    But in my forum, the bages are sometimes shown, sometimes not ...

    Any way to fix that?

    I would like all badges be shown everytime the userimage and username is displayed.

    What am i missing?

    Box is an Ubuntu 18 box with the latest 1.11.1 nodebb.
    Upgraded yesterday.
    Theme is "Vanilla"#

    I found the badge code here:

    • node_modules/nodebb-theme-vanilla/templates/partials/topic/badge.tpl

    But don't know what to do with that ... 😞


  • The badges that are shown are on a per user basis, selected by the user in their profile configuration.

  • Hi,
    I can't confirm that.
    User can not choose any groups. The groups are assigned by the admin.

    Every user has a group. but the group is not displayed on all users having a group.

    In my non admin profile, group membership looks like this:

    I can't change somthing with my groiups, I have been assigned to.

    Have a look at the thread with the users witah and without badge. But remember, all Users have a group.


  • You can't change the groups you're a part of, but you can choose which badges show up with your avatar.

    Go to and you'll see a "Group Title" select box. That's where you configure which titles show up below your avatar.

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