Badges showing only randomized

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  • Hi all,
    normally in a thread, the badges are shown, below, or at least near the user image/-name.
    Like here:


    But in my forum, the bages are sometimes shown, sometimes not ...

    Any way to fix that?

    I would like all badges be shown everytime the userimage and username is displayed.

    What am i missing?

    Box is an Ubuntu 18 box with the latest 1.11.1 nodebb.
    Upgraded yesterday.
    Theme is "Vanilla"#

    I found the badge code here:

    • node_modules/nodebb-theme-vanilla/templates/partials/topic/badge.tpl

    But don't know what to do with that ... 😞


  • The badges that are shown are on a per user basis, selected by the user in their profile configuration.

  • Hi,
    I can't confirm that.
    User can not choose any groups. The groups are assigned by the admin.

    Every user has a group. but the group is not displayed on all users having a group.

    In my non admin profile, group membership looks like this:

    I can't change somthing with my groiups, I have been assigned to.

    Have a look at the thread with the users witah and without badge. But remember, all Users have a group.


  • You can't change the groups you're a part of, but you can choose which badges show up with your avatar.

    Go to and you'll see a "Group Title" select box. That's where you configure which titles show up below your avatar.

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    @onur-baran ok, not sure about that one then.

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    Well I am embarrassed, I figured out the problem! There is no problem with custom javascript or the custom header information. It turns out the nodebb-plugin-ns-twitch-monitor was the problem! The plugin does not seem to work after a certain version of NodeBB and where I had it placed in my widgets must have been causing the custom header code to not load or run properly.

    I am still running v1.4.5 but am moving over to a new server, yes after all of these years. In doing so I have been incrementally stepping through upgrades, 1.4.5 -> 1.5.x -> 1.6.x -> 1.7.x... It was there at the 1.7.x that my custom Piwik (Matomo) code stopped working. I put NodeBB into "dev" mode and saw a number of errors related to the Twitch plugin. I removed the plugin and my analytics code now works fine.

    It is bittersweet as I really like the Twitch plugin on my forum but the plugin stopped working quite some time ago. Twitch changed how their API works and the plugin was never updated to keep up.

    Shouting out to a list of people for closure on this, in case you were all losing sleep on this since May of last year! @baris @julian @Nicolas

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    Thank you!

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    I solved my problem.

    Well, sort of. I changed my user language, in my profile from en_US back to en_GB.

    Now my two-factor and user invitation plugin display properly.

    But, why did my user profile language change? I do not recall changing it. Maybe I did at some point and I just do not recall. The last plugin I installed prior to today was the nodebb-plugin-newsletter to test it for the developer, in another thread.

    I un-installed that plugin and it did not make a difference but that is when I noticed my user profile language was set to en_US.

  • missing Group badges

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    @hek said:

    It's not interesting to know which groups people have joined

    I know what you're saying here. In theory a User could join multiple groups without too much thought. ( a mouse click )

    Admin assigned groups 'some' should have the option of being automatically displayed, and maybe only admin assigned roles. This integration would give better handling for what @psychobunny is mentioning, with mobile/ipad integration.

    I guess you could say, user groups and admin groups (roles?) are very different, and perhaps should not be displayed as user 'groups' under the groups page. Separated perhaps ?