Adding an offset option for lazy loading images

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    @Nipun-Kataria via a plugin, yes. There are hooks for you to add meta tags to specific pages.

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    I just used the plugin image upload, but the image can't show how to fix it?

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    When drop image of edit forum report an error?2012031220134655.jpg

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    My question is 2 fold......I recently downloaded and installed the Google Analytics plugin provided through NodeBB, and once I did, something odd happened to my forum where myself and my other admin are unable to access the admin options without first clearing all cache and cookies. If I'm in the admin, I can't get back to the homepage, and vis versa. I don't know for sure if it was caused by the plugin download, but it all happened at the same time.
    1 - Has anyone had this problem with cache, cookies, and admin access? I have tried multiple browsers and uninstalling the plugin, no fix yet.
    2 - Is the plugin responsible? If not, how do I get that to work?

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    I can fix it so that it goes to 85, done it before but the way NodeBB is built doesn't allow me to do this and have the site fully functional.

    100 / 100 User Experience 👍 (Like duh?) lol...