Need to login every time on mobile

  • After logged in my NodeBB forum on mobile phone(iPhone), the user closed the browser , then he opens the browser and goes to the forum URL, it requires the user to login again.

    Every time it requires to log in. I test it myself, it's true. I tried to disable plugins, rebuild, restart, change cookie and session settings in ACP. But those methods do not work.

    Anyone encounters this problem? How to solve it? Thanks!

  • It works here for both of you, right? Perhaps it is a reverse proxy configuration issue.

  • @PitaJ What kind of reverse proxy configuration issue may it be? I've tried to change some nginx configuration lines, but withou result.

    Oh I forget, I have used certbot to install SSL for my NodeBB forum, it changes some configuration in the nginx file. I do it according to this:

    I notice that on the mobile safari browser, after click the 'go' button, the url seems to stop for 1 or 2 times, maybe caused by http/https transformation. But not very clear, any idea? Thanks!

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