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    @volanar The plugin as it currently stands does not support those things, it just exposes a privilege that lets anyone modify OP.

    Additional functionality can be sponsored via [email protected] 😄

    @אשר I have the same problem. The plugin settings do not work

    Oh also -- the plugin settings don't do anything, you can safely ignore them.

  • @julian I need to think about what functions the plugin should have and I will write to you. I understand that supporting third-party plugins takes a lot of time and resources. There are a lot of plugins and each user can not always contact you. Maybe for such purposes, open an account on https://opencollective.com so that users can make donations to support third-party plugins and support nodebb in general. You can decide by voting on this forum which plugins and new functions need to be finalized first. I think it will be an interesting and useful experience for the nodebb community and the development of the platform.
    Personally, I am ready to make constant donations, as well as many users.

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    @volanar you can see posts’ edit history and restore different edits as admin. You can even see who edited it. What’s in the plugin you are talking about is already in core, most likely why it’s outdated or something.

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