[Bounty of $500] Wiki plugin

  • We use NodeBB 3+ years at https://community.windy.com and love NodeBB

    We use NodeBB also as a CMS containing all helps, FAQs and stuff.

    We would need a Wiki plugin that would enable any logged-in user edit specific article (always first article in the thread), where history of edits is "saved" somewhere so it will be possible to revert to previous version.

    With this plugin, our users can help us to contribute on documentation.

  • @ilblog I saw this functionality in the Discourse engine. I think this is very important. I wonder why there is still no plugin or kernel function in NodeBB. This allows you to seriously structure a forum and make it a useful community.

    I support your initiative and I will be happy if this kind of plugin will become available to the NodeBB community.

    For me now this is one of the main factors in deciding what to prefer for new projects. NodeBB or Discourse. There are many other factors, but this one I see as the main one for communities oriented towards the creation and maintenance of knowledge.

    For example: _https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-is-a-wiki-post/30801

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    @ilblog Hm, your post intrigues me (and the other guys at NodeBB). I reminds us of gh#148, which we ended up closing at the time because it was out-of-scope (and hell, I don't think we even had a plugin system at the time!)

    Let me see if I can do it within your $500 budget and get back to you 😸

    damianb created this issue in NodeBB/NodeBB

    closed Multiple ownership for posts/topics #148

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    @ilblog Reach out to us at sales@nodebb.org, the plugin is complete and I'll be happy to attribute sponsorship to Windy, and make the plugin public once the bounty is awarded 😄

  • @julian Will do

  • @Kosiak said in [Bounty of $500] Wiki plugin:

    Discourse vs. NodeBB can be a flame war, but we have chosen NodeBB because of underlying MongoDb and Node.js. This tech stack help us to hack it.

  • @ilblog said in [Bounty of $500] Wiki plugin:

    Discourse vs. NodeBB can be a flame war

    Sure. I research both of these engines in order to understand in which cases one is better than the other. Both have strengths and weaknesses. Both engines have different development strategies. Let's say the NodeBB's strongest side is speed and minimum resource requirements. This is critical for many cases. Any holy war is a luxury for those who have nothing to do.
    I think that engines need to borrow each other’s best practices.

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