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  • We are considering using your software for a few schoolfriends. We have checked the plugins you offer and compared with other software and you come very close to what we need. The only thing we can not find and what is decisive for us is a plugin that allows users to vote on a topic like that on reddit. Are there plans to release this plugin in the future or is that not possible with your software?

    the problem is that we do not have money because we are 14 and 15 years old and have little knowledge to write a plugin ourselves. Our budget currently amounts to exactly 128 euros. We do not know if that is sufficient for this plugin if it has to be written.

    If it does not work with our budget, can you give advice on what else we can try?

    Greetings Bram, Nina & Marco

  • I believe this is possible with some minor theme changes.

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