Placeholders for dynamically loaded images before they are loaded

  • I like the feature where images are not loaded until you scroll to that part of a page.

    However, what I don't like is when I'm scanning a post quickly for a specific image and it hasn't loaded yet. I just end up scrolling up and down and up and down until something starts doing something.

    What would be nice is a placeholder, just a grey background with the same dimensions as the image.

    The following page is a great example of that...

  • This is harder than it sounds, since it requires that the dimensions of images, even external images, be known beforehand. This isn't easy to implement even for images NodeBB controls.

  • @PitaJ Yeah, I know. I came across the resize mechanism in the code last night so, there is some dimension handling already but yeah, this ain't easy.

    However, what could be easy is a placeholder image, like a 50x50 generic image that's used for everything. Then you at least know something is there.

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