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    Would be nice to be able to draft topics and save them without publishing them.

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    Currently if you don't discard a post/topic you can access it even after logging out, closing browser, etc. by clicking "New Topic" or "Reply" at the same category/topic again.

    +1 for some kind of management therefor the user knows where drafts are saved (a private list within profile) and possibility to create multiple drafts would be nice.
    Also a Draft-button that just removes the topic from taskbar and a list of drafts besides "New Topic" and "Reply" could prevent some confusion...

    I'd basically say this is something for a plugin 😉

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    I think at the very least, if I were to start typing up a reply and lets say my browser crashes (or I revisit the site for whatever reason) the taskbar should appear right away with my draft composer minimized. For bonus points, some indicator of some sort showing that it's a draft post would be cool too 🙂

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    @frissdiegurke The whole drafts feature as-is at the moment is to combat losing your progress in the event of a browser crash or errant keystroke.

    Re: @psychobunny's comment, I'd definitely be in favour of re-opening composers (minimized) of any open drafts...

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