Best way to share user data between two forums?

  • I want to share user data between two forums, so that a user can log into both with the same account and have the same account metadata. Currently I'm patching one of the forum's code (mainly src/user and src/groups) so that it reads/writes from the other forum's database.
    My question is: would this be a good way to share the user data? What could be the caveat? Currently my code is working-ish but I need to know more about this before I can migrate my production database.

  • Global Moderator

    The best way to do this is to use the NodeBB session sharing plugin.

  • Admin

    Yeah, I agree... Having the two forums share the same database for users is risky. I was going to recommend using a third party OAuth provider as the central point, and each NodeBB handles its own local database


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