Plugin config not loading

Technical Support
  • NodeBB version:

    NodeBB git hash:

    Database type:

    Database version:

    Exact steps to cause this issue:

    First I installed both plugins
    Then I restarted NodeBB
    Afterwards I tried to go to the configuration page

    What you expected:
    I expected both of the pages to load normally so I could configure them

    What happened instead:
    Instead, they weren't loading and the loader constantly circled ages. I also get the error below when I go directly to the page link.

    error Internal Error.
    Oops! Looks like something went wrong!
    Failed to lookup view "admin/plugins/dbsearch" in views directory "/root/nodebb/build/public/templates"
  • Did you rebuild and restart, or did you just restart?

    You have to rebuild after installing plugins.

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