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  • Stumbled across a plugin to make excerpts for my forum topics and I encountered 2 problems.

    Something I guess too simple to find an answer to it. I need "remove-markdown-and-html" dependency. It's a bummer but if someone could tell me, I don't know where to install it.

    And the reason I made the topic. I have my theme registered from a local folder. Activating this plugin had an issue that I remember it occured before. Whenever I do this with some plugins - maybe outdated or dunno - or deactivate them I get the error that my forum theme is not found and I have to rebuild the symlink. Then everything works. That problem is something normal in my case, is there anything I could do to prevent it from happening? My theme resides in the main folder of Nodebb.

    Thank you for any help.

  • Have you tried setting "package_manager": "yarn" in your package.json?

    Then use yarn add to install dependencies, and yarn link to manage your local folder. Ensure that your theme is not actually in NodeBB's node_modules/ folder...

  • @julian No, only the symlink is in node_modules/

    I've been looking for some time to try Ghost and still Nodebb is my first connection with Nodejs. Don't know too much about yarn but I'll give it a try.

  • It sounds like you need to check your package.json, in the NodeBB root directory. This needs to have the correct name and version of all plugins, or NodeBB won't start. This happens automatically when you use the control panel, but not when using local folders.

  • @yariplus Looking at the main package.json I notice that although my theme from local folder works untill something happens - and I have the problem described here - it's not listed there.

    Before deciding for Nodebb tried another app relying on composer and I had to manually add my local plugins, templates to main composer.json. I have to add my local theme to package.json the same way, here?

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