Render failed for template: templateFunction is not a function

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  • I'm running NodeBB 1.5.3 on AWS and I keep getting this error in the logs

    Render failed for template /edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/build/public/templates/footer.jst:
     TypeError: Render failed for template /edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/build/public/templates/footer.jst:
     templateFunction is not a function
        at runtime (/edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/node_modules/benchpressjs/build/lib/runtime.js:64:16)
        at render (/edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/node_modules/benchpressjs/build/lib/express.js:11:20)
        at Object.__express (/edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/node_modules/benchpressjs/build/lib/express.js:33:5)
        at /edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/src/webserver.js:134:15
        at /edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/src/middleware/index.js:205:12
        at nextTask (/edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:5297:14)
        at next (/edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:5304:9)
        at /edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/node_modules/async/dist/async.js:906:16
        at /edx/app/community/nodebb-platform/src/file.js:101:3
        at FSReqWrap.oncomplete (fs.js:153:5)

    Can someone please tell me whey this occurs?

    This occurs on one of the servers in a load balanced environment where there are 2 servers running. If I increase the server count to 4 then out of those 4, 2 servers are having this exception. Servers in our load balanced environment are using redis for pub/sub, MongoDB as the primary database. Sticky sessions are enabled with stickiness time set to 30 seconds. The servers use the same AMI image.

  • Run ./nodebb build, restart, and try again.

  • @PitaJ I've tried rebuilding it multiple times. The error pops up in the logs once the active users reach a high number, around 3000+ in my case.

  • Oh, you're on an old version of NodeBB. This is fixed in the latest version, you should really try updating. I can't help you otherwise than point you to the commits which fix the issue.

  • If you can point me to the commits that would be more than enough. I'm running a heavily customized version of NodeBB so I can't update directly to the latest version.

    However, I can push the commits for the fix to my fork.

  • @asamolion Here are the changes:

    Just use the latest version of benchpressjs (not 1.2.3)

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