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    Thank you very much! I was able to use the Admin user that was created in this authentification

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    I reviewed some of the Timuu forks and one of them was working better. It seems that the problem is the theme does not reference the most up-to-date version of Persona theme. When I put persona.js file into the /lib folder the problem was solved.

    So, if anyone wants to use the theme:

    Make a fork Copy up-to-date version of persona.js and autohiding.js files into the /lib folder of the theme
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    I've had nodebb setup for a bit now and through some bumps and scrapes have always kept it running. After upgrading to V1.13.0 NodeBB would fail to load with a "Internal Server Error". After updating to 1.13.1 the website once again loads, however when trying to view any topics in the forums it times out loading. I've reviewed every possible plugin that could potentially be in the way and disabled several without success. I'm not seeing anything in the logs so may be looking in the wrong place. Everything is fully functional to posting new topics, viewing recent ones, discarding, deleting, purging, and the admin console. The only issue comes when its time to actually open a topic fully. The RSS Feeds properly display all the recent topics and content as well.

    My server is running MongoDB and proxied via nginx behind LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate, and can be seen at however does require a login, there is a single public post informing Guests that a login is required where you can see the issue.

    Any help on where to look for this and assistance in resolving would be appreciated.

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    Hey friends. So. I reinstalled my forums after I accidentally deleted some stuff I wasn't meant to, and now stuff is properly borked. I completely cleaned NodeBB and MongoDB from the system.

    I'm running off the master branch, and I'm fairly certain that the db search plugin is to blame, as the issue only occurs after installing that. I'm working off the master branch and upon restarting after activating that plugin, I'm met with the following error:

    2019-08-11T09:44:59.042Z [4567/8372] - error: Your NodeBB schema is out-of-date. Please run the following command to bring your dataset up to spec: 2019-08-11T09:44:59.042Z [4567/8372] - error: ./nodebb upgrade [cluster] Child Process (8372) has exited (code: 0, signal: null)

    That's fine, but when I go to run the upgrade, I get the following:

    [2018/11/26] Changing dbsearch mongodb search schema to use _id... 2019-08-11T09:46:07.205Z [4567/8392] - error: ns not found {"ok":0,"errmsg":"ns not found","code":26,"codeName":"NamespaceNotFound","name":"MongoError"} 2019-08-11T09:46:07.207Z [4567/8392] - error: ns not found {"ok":0,"errmsg":"ns not found","code":26,"codeName":"NamespaceNotFound","name":"MongoError"}

    and that leaves me pretty stuck. I've disabled the plugin for now, but I'd really like to know what's going on here.

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    @prog At current, no. Our servers are based in a New York datacenter, but we do not use CDN for global delivery of assets like the client js and css.