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  • Hi,

    I am new to NodeBB and about to add a forum to my site. We are currently a small team of three people that will moderate the forum and provide support by answering questions etc. But I hope to increase the number of people in the near future.

    So my question if: what is the best way to set up such a team in NodeBB?

    Ideally we can make use of the mention function so people could just ping e.g. @support . However, how do I set it up so the three mods will get notified? We would have different username e.g. [name]_support.

    I've looked through the documentation and searched the forum but I haven't been able to find an answer.

    Any help would be much appreciated, as I aim to get this right from the start so we don't have to change things at a later stage.

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    You would just set up a group named support, and add those users to it.

  • ok will try that. Thanks.

  • @PitaJ I've set up the group but I cannot ping the group i.e. @[group name]. Also, do I add the tag title after the name of the users in the group i.e. [username] [name of group] please?

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    Check the settings in the mentions plugin. I think there's one to enable mentioning groups.

    The preferred tag is selected by each user in their own edit profile page from a list of groups they're a member of

  • @PitaJ Thank you. I have allowed mentioning groups but I am still having some issue with this.

    1. When I try and ping the group, it doesn't show up as an option, like regular users do. I can mention the group, which creates a link to the group. How do I get the group to show up when starting with an @ symbol?

    2. The members of the group should get a notification when the group is mentioned. How do I make that happen please?

    3. The group label/title doesn't show next to the username (like your global moderator label). How can this be added please?

  • @PitaJ ok I managed to find a solution for 1 and 3. The groups were set to hidden, which effected the labels.

    However, the group members still do not receive a notification. How can I change that setting please?

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    Check the settings in the mentions plugin. I think there's one to enable mentioning groups.

  • @PitaJ I have turned mentions on and I can mention a group. But how do I ensure that the users in the group gets notified when the group is mentioned please?

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    There are only two things you can do AFAIK:

    • Mentions plugin ACP page -> Enable group mentions
    • Individual user settings -> Enabled notifications for mentions

    The second one is on by default, not sure about the first

  • @PitaJ Thanks.

    1. Both plugin mentions and user setting mentions are on. However, it still doesn't work. Anyone else who might be able to help please?

    2. The chat function worked well at first but now I can't see the actual chats anymore Any idea to a solution please?

    3. Lastly, how do I restrict non-registered users, reading the post content please?

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    What version of NodeBB? Upgrade to latest 1.x if you haven't.

    Try running ./nodebb stop && ./nodebb build && ./nodebb start

    To configure guest access, you go to the privileges settings in the ACP. For each category you want, select it in the upper right, and configure the guest permissions in the table.

  • @PitaJ The forum is running version v1.10.1.

    However, neither the chat function nor the group mention function are working. Anything else I could try to make it work please?

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