Problem in Email verification

  • @PitaJ said in Problem in Email verification:

    You probably weren't using a custom service, it was just using the built-in local emailer. Like I said earlier, it is most likely spam filters which are catching your emails, as the local emailer has no trust factor.

    I guess you are right.

    What are you trying to accomplish?
    Ans. I want customers should get verification email once they register on website after clicking on which they can post their topic.

    What do you expect the Custom Service setting to do?
    Ans : I got your point of custom service . If i use gmail service . Then how can i get my the credentials for a Gmail account in the respective fields

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    @abhinov-singh if you select Gmail in the service list, the custom service fields will disappear because those settings no longer apply. All you then need to do is put the Gmail username and password into the two fields. You already have a Gmail username and password in those fields in the screenshot, so I'm unsure where the confusion is.

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