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    It appears to work fine on this forum. What version of NodeBB? What do you mean when you say it disappears? Can you record your screen?

  • Badges not showing

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    @baris said in Badges not showing:

    You can turn on multiple badges at /admin/settings/group

    oh nice, didn't even think about that as we've had badges for so long 🙂 Just turned it on for us, too.

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    You can't change the groups you're a part of, but you can choose which badges show up with your avatar.

    Go to and you'll see a "Group Title" select box. That's where you configure which titles show up below your avatar.

  • missing Group badges

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    @hek said:

    It's not interesting to know which groups people have joined

    I know what you're saying here. In theory a User could join multiple groups without too much thought. ( a mouse click )

    Admin assigned groups 'some' should have the option of being automatically displayed, and maybe only admin assigned roles. This integration would give better handling for what @psychobunny is mentioning, with mobile/ipad integration.

    I guess you could say, user groups and admin groups (roles?) are very different, and perhaps should not be displayed as user 'groups' under the groups page. Separated perhaps ?

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    @psychobunny I hate to dig up this old topic but I'm interested in allowing users to display up to two badges in their posts as well.
    I'm pretty new to NodeBB and am not sure where to start make changes. Could you point me in the right direction?