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    @the-cat-gaming-099 I don't believe this is possible because of how NodeBB is written. You need email to reset password, receive notifs, and for the database and core to see the users.
    I suppose it could be possible, but you'd have to modify core yourself and it'd be pretty complicated and to be honest, not worth it.

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    Thanks. Figured some such, wh/is why I did not want to open bug report prior to checking in 😉

    P.S.; Prior to github and markdown becoming defacto I always preferred asciidoc for such duties. Still do. Much richer options for when you need/want them but still dead simple to use when you don't. Also, actually standardized, as contrasted w/the markdown flavor fest. But hey, github made markdown the golden boy for modern devs that never used else. Don't blame 'em cuz devs wanna code not invest time learning different markup 'time savers'. So whaddya gonna do, eh?

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    make sure you have port 80 and/or 443 open on your firewall. I see 80 is open (I get the "Welcome to Nginx" message). So now you need to make a few changes in your nginx config for it to redirect 4567 to your site on 80/443 (http/https), as currently it is set to the nginx page.

    The docs has a config you can use, just make the changes like Pitaj has suggested and for https, you will need a certificate. Lets-Encrypt is free

    **Edit to add: Don't forget to restart nginx to use the new config

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    ive done something like this, change the links in navigation to require to be logged in. only link i have on my main forum, is the login link, everythign else is taken away

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