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    Looks like I also misconfigured the proxy server, /assets was pointing to an empty directory (it used to work until i moved it forgetting it was mentioned there)

  • Post queue too big (crashing site)

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    I will post a couple queries to help with this.

    Get number of queued posts

    db.objects.count({_key: "post:queue"});

    Get latest 20 post queue objects ids

    db.objects.find({_key: "post:queue"}).sort({score: -1}).limit(20);

    Using ids from above query you can get the queued posts with

    db.objects.find({_key: "post:queue:<replace_with_id_from_above_query"});

    To delete a post queue from the db with id 123456

    db.objects.remove({_key: "post:queue", value: "123456"}); db.objects.remove({_key: "post:queue:123456"});

    To remove all queued posts

    db.objects.remove({_key: /^post:queue/});

    Hope that helps.

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    @nodeham Thank you for all of the help. I will start a new thread for the next problem I am seeing.

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    @PitaJ Actually never mind, I just changed the color of the entire bar instead of trying to figure what the text color was!
    You can delete this thread.

    Although I still think you should add in the next version to ability to change all colors using color selectors in the control panel, as it does not make sense to have some but not others.

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    Woah! All three founders in one thread!

    Yes, @psychobunny I just meant a simple way to indicate that no logo should be used in the normal site. Editing the templates would be an option, but it seems like it is a missing feature.

    Thanks for the responsiveness! You guys are awesome.