mongoBB aws ec2 windows error cache

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    OMG - Redis didn't setup properly all along!

    I was using make and make install cmd that no longer worked.

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    i installed new themes (based at persona) and deleted it.

    And now at my theme list i see 2 persona themes instead of one.

    If i delete persona theme - remains only 1 persona theme at theme list BUT i cant activate it.

    I tried to see folders at node_modules and i dont see any persona theme.
    When i copy persona theme from my PC into node_modules - FTP send me alert that some files in nodebb-theme-persona exists (rewrite it?)
    But this folder DOES NOT exist.

    How i can delete persona theme and install without duplicate?

    Here my theme list.


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    @Hsm909 you either need to run setup with a different database name, or delete the admin credentials from your existing database.

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    @svetlana It looks like it is a problem of either v1.0 itself or incompatible plugins. I reverted openshift-nodebb README to 0.9.x. You can try fresh install with 0.9.x, and later, when things cool down a bit and plugins are updated, you can update to 1.0.

    AFAIK you can have up to 3 "servers" on OpenShift for free. And since you already know the drill, it should be easy to make another instance of NodeBB just for testing :).

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    Looks like a warning, but not a serious one. We don't use that package in NodeBB itself so it is likely one of its dependencies