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    Looks really nice

  • NodeBB v1.6.1 Release

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    Actually, you can add NodeBB to your home screen already... should work on both Android and iOS.

    However we don't show an alert for it because we find it obtrusive... I personally can't stand sites where I have to spend a couple seconds closing the two or three modals or overlays it shoves in my face when I want to read something, and that is reflected in how we don't do any of that in NodeBB.

  • What's up, Doc(-umentation)?

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    I was on my way into the office one morning when I saw a link to the results of the 2017 Open Source Survey, released by GitHub. I'm almost certain I filled it out myself at some point, but seeing the summarized results was just as important for me, as our project is completely open-source and as such, any recommendations would be highly relevant to us.

    ... [the survey results] highlight some of the most actionable and important insights about the community.

    Click here to see the full blog post

  • NodeBB v1.1.0 Release

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    I am having the same issue with Heroku deployment when using SSL (managed by Heroku).

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    Ah, I gotcha. I'll add in the onhover reply/quote/upvote buttons in a future release 🙂

    EDIT: actually, instead of onhover, those buttons might look pretty good if they showed up on the right hand side of the post. I'll think of something.