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    1st of all i'm new to Nginx, and this is the 1st time i'm really setting up NodeBB. So pls forgive me when i'm asking basic dummy questions.

    Basically followed this
    using Ubunt 20. So far so good with the installation.

    The folder structure looks like this in the server:

    /home/user/abcde/index.html /root/nodebb (This might be a mistake but ...)

    Eventually index.html will have a hyperlink which links to the NodeBB forum.

    Right now the /etc/nginx/nginx.conf has a block like this, and index.html does load fine in browser

    server { server_name; location / { root /home/user/abcde; } }

    My question is: how to modify nginx.conf so it can load the NodeBB as well ?
    Again the final goal is ppl can access NodeBB from its link from index.html.

    Thanks very much for your help !

  • phpbb conversion leaves html/bb code

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    I'm going to start a new thread since this is getting nowhere and it is now about the plugin and not the outcome.

    Ready to give up on nodebb. nodebb-plugin-import phpbb

    Not even a freelancer developer could figure out why this plugin is not working. Surely, someone here has some ideas, leads, something? I'm trying to convert...


    NodeBB Community (

  • how to add HTML content in topics

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    Use of the Markdown composer is optional, and you can save HTML directly into the database, and this is what is used for other composers like Redactor. Still other composers (Quill composer) save content into the database in their own special format.

    Markdown is not meant to be activated for either of those.

    Alternatively you could allow HTML in the markdown settings, but I would highly advise you also install sanitizehtml plugin, otherwise anyone can post anything including malicious scripts as a post in your forum!

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    This is all dependent on how each server is configured.

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    interesting, jquery install is demanding node 0.10.40 while the existing node is 0.10.37. Updating going to cause any incompatibilities with nodebb?