Node.js & cmd Filter file by extension and text in file

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  • I need to process/filter files by their extension and text inside the file.
    It must be via the command-line.

    This is the cmd line:
    C:\myFolder> node search.js [extension][any text]
    I only managed to isolate the 2 strings:

    var file_extension = process.argv[2];
    var words_in_file = process.argv[3];

    But now I need to build a filter that takes 2 args: 'file_extension' & 'words_in_file'
    returns(display) a list of all files(full-path) ending with this extension (e.g txt/js/html etc..)
    and containing the text of the second argument.
    including in the sub folders files(if any).

    1.How do I get only the files with the extension that was 
    passed?(absolut path)
    2.How do I read the file content and compare it to the text that was passed?
    3.How to display it all in the cmd?

    Thank you.

  • It looks like you've misunderstood the purpose of this forum. This is the community forum for the Node.js-based forum software known as NodeBB.

    For general Node help, you might want to try StackOverflow, SpeakJS on Discord, or /r/node and /r/javascript on Reddit.

  • @pitaj thanx

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