Randomly my CSS just broke

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    Hi, i love nodebb. It clearly is the best forum engine out there... I do have one problem though and it happened randomly (from what i know). The CSS on my forum is broken. https://forum.shinobi.video/ I am not sure what to do to fix it. I have restarted the engine and contemplated recreating a new one a few times but i want to be sure of the direction i am going to go to minimize time spent on this on issue (me and everyone who helps).

    Thanks in advance!

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    This is because of the skin you have selected. You can either update to v1.7.5 or change the skin to the default one to fix this issue.

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    @PitaJ thanks for responding, i have upgraded it and restarted it many times but the problem persists 😞 i even click the blue circle icon in the skins page and still broken

    ive also run

    ./nodebb reset -p
    ./nodebb reset -s
    ./nodebb reset -t

    none do anything to fix the issue either 😞

    I've also tried copy and pasting the CSS found on this site into my Custom CSS field but still broken 😞

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    is anyone facing the same issue? i have been stuck on this for months with no accpetable solution in sight 😞 i don't know how to migrate to another install of nodebb

    does anyone have a suggestion on what i can do?

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    Have you tried upgrading NodeBB? What version are you on now?

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    yes i upgraded it was still broken.

    I just fixed it though and the solution was to do the following steps

    Exit the nodebb directory

    cd ..

    redownload nodebb into another folder. I called it nodebb2.

    git clone https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB.git nodebb2

    then i copied over my config file

    cp nodebb/config.json nodebb2/config.json

    then ran your setup thinger

    ./nodebb setup

    then start and voila!

    ./nodebb start

    Now running the best forum engine on the web once again!

    Thank you @PitaJ !

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    What commands did you use to upgrade?

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