Is it possible to restore users and posts?

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  • I don't know what happened today but I went to my forum and it's offline.

    502 Bad Gateway

    I logged in through SSH and typed in sudo ./nodebb status and it say nodebb is not running.

    I check on mongo and mongodb and that's all not working either.

    This whole thing just went south quick, I'm thinking of just doing a full reinstall but I had a lot of posts up, hours of work put in to jump start this thing.

    By the way how come the homepage of NodeBB community forum reads "v1.7.4" I thought it was up to "v1.7.5". Maybe that has something to do with my issue.

  • @jimmyc2018 v1.7.5 is just a hotfix build that resolved some skin issues in themes.

  • @jimmyc2018 maybe your server restarted without you knowing and mongo and nodebb didn't automatically start back up?
    Have you tried starting the mongod service and then starting nodebb?

    Btw, you shouldn't run NodeBB with root or sudo. That may also be causing the problem.

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