How to start working with Benchpress?

  • I do not have the theme nodebb-theme-rocket-master.
    On the forum, I read that there is a Benchpress tool.
    Can I use Benchpress to view the .tpl files from the theme
    Is there a quick start for
    Benchpress? Can someone advise how to get started and what to see with Benchpress?

  • Global Moderator

    Benchpress is the template engine for NodeBB. It powers how templates are parsed and rendered.

    There is an introduction on the GitHub page for the project:

    And there is complete documentation here:

  • @pitaj

    I'm new to these technologies. Please write how you can use Benchpress. Make
    Please give us a brief overview. Is there a way to see the topic nodebb-theme-rocket-master with Benchpress and understand why it does not work now? Can I use Benchpress for analysis, debugging, and modification
    How to do it?

  • @rahmon
    C:\woprk\atb\node_modules\benchpressjs>npm test

    benchpressjs@1.2.1 pretest C:\woprk\atb\node_modules\benchpressjs
    grunt babel && eslint --cache .

    Running "babel:dist" (babel) task


    Oops! Something went wrong! 😞

    ESLint: 4.18.1.
    ESLint couldn't find a configuration file. To set up a configuration file for this project, please run:

    eslint --init

    ESLint looked for configuration files in C:\woprk\atb\node_modules\benchpressjs\build and its ancestors. If it found none, it then looked in your home directory.

    If you think you already have a configuration file or if you need more help, please stop by the ESLint chat room:

    npm ERR! Test failed. See above for more details.

    How to fix this error?

  • Global Moderator

    @rahmon what are you trying to do? I think you have a serious misunderstanding of what benchpress is for and how it works.

  • @pitaj
    I'm trying to execute 3 commands:

    1. npm i benchpressjs
    2. npm install
    3. npm test
      The third command produces an error, which I described.
  • Global Moderator

    @rahmon ok, but are you trying to use benchpress in your application? Are you trying to develop benchpress? Are you trying to install benchpress in NodeBB?

    What are you trying to do with benchpress? Why are you installing it?

    If you are trying to load up the benchpress project and run the benchpress tests, you should clone the benchpress repository. An npm install doesn't include the same files.

    But there's no reason to do that unless you want to work on benchpress itself to improve the template engine in some way.

  • @pitaj

    I have a theme nodebb-theme-rocket-master
    She does not work
    Write me please what algorithm of error search.
    How would you look for errors and what tools did you use?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @Rahmon Benchpress isn't a debugging tool, it is the template rendering engine NodeBB uses.

    If your theme does not work, rest assured, it is not a problem with Benchpress.

  • @julian said in How to start working with Benchpress?:


    Please write how to use the template rendering engine NodeBB with Benchpress
    Very much I ask the brief instruction.
    I want to look at topic.tpl and category.tpl from the topic nodebb-theme-rocket-master or any other topic

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