How can I modify the email templates?

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  • I can edit some HTML/CSS templates in the ACP. But how do I modify the text/plain versions (the emails are, thanks goodnes multipart mails with html and text parts)? And how do I modify the subject line?

    Thanks in advance,

  • There is no setting or template for email subjects, so I modified the code:

    --- a/src/emailer.js
    +++ b/src/emailer.js
    @@ -229,7 +229,7 @@ Emailer.sendToEmail = function (template, email, language, params, callback) {
                                    to: email,
                                    from: meta.config['email:from'] || 'no-reply@' + getHostname(),
                                    from_name: meta.config['email:from_name'] || 'NodeBB',
    -                               subject: results.subject,
    +                               subject: '[' + meta.config['title'] + '] ' + results.subject,
                                    html: results.html,
                                    plaintext: htmlToText.fromString(results.html, {
                                            ignoreImage: true,

    I think this should be a setting.

  • @tlinden open an issue on Github requesting the feature, please

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