Facebook SSO: Can't Load URL: The domain of this URL isn't included in the app's domains.

  • Re: Facebook Social Authentication: Can't Load URL the solution was enabling Embedded Browser OAuth Login in Facebook Login Settings:

    Open your app settings at Facebook Developers portal and make sure your app is Live (App Review > Make {app_name} public?) and Facebook Login is Enabled (enabled by default when creating your app - Products > Facebook Login > Client OAuth Login and Web OAuth Login, both should be set to Yes).

    0_1517449669211_Screenshot 2018-01-31 20.25.59.png

    IMPORTANT: make sure Pages APIs is also Enabled, turn on Embedded Browser OAuth Login:

    • Embedded Browser OAuth Login enabled (Products > Facebook Login > Embedded Browser OAuth Login Yes)

    0_1517450380402_Screenshot 2018-01-31 20.52.00.png

  • Swedes

    Thanks, the Facebook SSO plugin stopped working today ­čśë But thanks to the post everything works again wiiiiii ­čśŤ



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