Need help include downloaded js files

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  • I need to include a dictionary into my nodebb forum and this is the provided code

    <script language="JavaScript">
    var dictionaries = "ev_ve";
    // -->
    <script language="JavaScript1.2" src="" type='text/javascript'></script>

    Currently, I have to copy exactly the above lines into this file /root/nodebb/node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/templates/footer.tpl/

    How do I safely and correctly include external scripts?

    **Update: I tried including it in this file /root/nodebb/node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/plugin.json but apparently, the script tag needs to have these attributes in order for it to work language="JavaScript1.2" type='text/javascript'
    "id": "nodebb-theme-persona",
    "library": "library.js",
    "hooks": [
    { "hook": "filter:teasers.get", "method": "getTeasers" },
    { "hook": "filter:widgets.getAreas", "method": "defineWidgetAreas" },
    { "hook": "filter:config.get", "method": "getThemeConfig" },
    { "hook": "static:app.load", "method": "init" },
    { "hook": "", "method": "addAdminNavigation" },
    { "hook": "", "method": "addUserToTopic" },
    { "hook": "filter:meta.getLinkTags", "method": "getLinkTags"}
    "scripts": [
    "modules": {
    "pulling.js": "node_modules/pulling/build/pulling-drawer.js"
    "acpScripts": [

  • You could try including them in the Custom Header at ACP -> Appearance --> Custom Content

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