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  • nodebb-plugin-wechat-share

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    Guessing it shares posts on wechat, the Chinese messaging app.

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    @Jenkler said:

    when to use ./ and when not to?

    To answer your earlier inquiry... in general it should be safe to use both. When paths are passed in plugin configs, we run them through path.join to remove relative relations and double slashes, etc. In all cases (exceptions are bugs), the path should be relative from the plugin directory itself.

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    @baris said:

    For nodebb 0.5.x - 0.0.19
    For nodebb 0.6.x - 0.1.2

    Thank you very much

  • Plugin Help

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    Hi NodeBB team,

    I'm learning JS by writing what seemed to me a simple plugin. Knowing nothing of this matter I'm struggling a little with this all dispached structure.

    I've succeed to make basic routes so far. I'm working now on the template of the admin page.

    I have added these

    <!-- IF emailerInstalled --> <!-- ELSE --> <!-- ENDIF emailerInstalled -->

    but doesn't seem to be recognized, always getting the false condition.

    Could someone point me the right direction?

    I wonder also if adding a "post" route is the right way to get the form back? I've seen this from imgur plugin.


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    @baris said:

    I'm guessing the party you are at is really dull since you are here trolling my posts (rofl)

    the "party" I was at was so dull that I'm still sober and back to working on NodeBB at 1am

    p.s. you should ditch the cats and keep the avatar you have in that screenshot, we miss the baris who used to have hair 😄